Are you ready to step your game up and

do what your competition can’t?

Then you are ready for MoStreBility!

In just 2 weeks, this video series will teach you

what they didn't in school and

what you won't get in certification courses:

  • Why MoStreBility Beats Flexibility/Mobility

  • Athlete Specific Warm up and Cool Down

  • Biomechanics – Deconstructing Exercises

  • Applying Neuromuscular Physiology in Your Setting

  • Learn What “Functional Exercise” Is

  • Learn the Root Cause of Injury

  • Crushing a Functional Screen in Under 2 Minutes

  • Making Athletes, Parents and Coaches Your Best Marketing Team!

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Who is this two-week course made for? You!

Whether you are a personal trainer, physical therapist, strength coach, athletic trainer, CrossFit coach, chiropractor… you need to understand how physiology, biomechanics, anatomy, and critical thinking all go together when it comes to exercise prescription and progression.

What is MoStreBility?

It is the ability to provide your clients and patients with

Motion + Strength + Stability = MoStreBility

Through this groundbreaking course, you will learn how to apply science in your setting rather than fall back on the false narratives that have plagued our professions for so long.

Dr. Polka is a double board-certified Doctor, multiple clinic owner, sports medicine keynote speaker, multiple US patent/trademark holder, clinical instructor, former collegiate athlete, elite clinician, former state and national record holder/champion, and successful investor/entrepreneur who is ready to guide you to new levels of success.

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